Carlos E. Rojas

Carlos E. Rojas

Senior Annuity Specialist

Carlos E. Rojas is a top industry veteran with over 15 years-experience in annuities. He has worked with high-caliber producers from coast to coast and in nearly every state. He has also mentored and developed many new-to-the-industry agents.

Carlos is passionate about the annuity business. He is a keen listener who uses his product knowledge and industry know-how to provide support to producers throughout the sales process. He enjoys educating producers, keeping them primed and prepared, and has handled even the most complex cases with thorough attention to detail. In addition, Carlos’ fluency in both English and Spanish has opened doors with multicultural producers looking for bilingual support.

Carlos is a great leader, coach and teammate. He’s able to establish solid relationships with producers based on trust, integrity and attention to detail.

In his free time, Carlos enjoys playing and coaching soccer.

 Fixed Annuities are long term insurance contacts and there is a surrender charge imposed generally during the first 5 to 7 years that you own the annuity contract. Withdrawals prior to age 59-1/2 may result in a 10% IRS tax penalty, in addition to any ordinary income tax. Any guarantees of the annuity are backed by the financial strength of the underlying insurance company. Indexed annuities are insurance contracts that, depending on the contract, may offer a guaranteed annual interest rate and some participation growth, if any, of a stock market index. Such contracts have substantial variation in terms, costs of guarantees and features and may cap participation or returns in significant ways. Any guarantees offered are backed by the financial strength of the insurance company. Surrender charges apply if not held to the end of the term. Withdrawals are taxed as ordinary income and, if taken prior to 59 ½, a 10% federal tax penalty. Investors are cautioned to carefully review an indexed annuity for its features, costs, risks, and how the variables are calculated.